My wild girl

MY WILD GIRL Chapter 1


downing my 10th shot of vodka straight to my stomach, actually i loose count on my 10th shot and got stock on it. “Pour it up! pour, pour it!” i slurred my words out of my mouth to Benzo.”No bitch, you’re shit-faced!”

I can barely stand straight, I’ve been snorting cocaine and breathing it like air. “It’s my birthday Benzo, dont put on th-at stupid fucking mothe-r bullshitting a-aact!” shouting over the loud music and crowd at the bar we are in tonight.

I don’t really care if I’m making a scene right now. “I WA-AANT MY DRINK AND I WANT I-IT NOOWW!” raising my shot glass in the air, trying to stand straight with my six inches Gucci hills while holding onto Benzo.

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"You skank, it’s not your birthday. I’ll get you home."  and that’s the last thing I heard that night.

Feeling someone jumping on my bed disturbing my slumber, I open my eyes slowly trying to make out the blurry figure who’s hovering on top of me. “What the fuck are you doing here Benzo?” i asked checking the time on my iPhone, 7:00 am.

"ooh, someone’s still hung over" Benzo said, giggling. "If i were you bitch, i will start getting ready for school, bye!" she got off my bed, making her way out from my room. hearing her car engine start, and slowly fading away.

Oh shit. checking my phone again, oh fucking bitch, you’ve got to be kidding me. Is it monday already!? did I really sleep my sunday away!?scratching my head out of confusion, I tried to remember what happened that Saturday night. All I remember is Benzo trying to drag me out of Logan’s bar.

crawling out of my bed, i decided to get ready for my school. Im a junior student and if it is my decision, i will not go to school but my dad insist and made a deal that after finishing school and -by school, he means attending a university too, I’ll be staying with him.

I have been living alone in my apartment, my dad would visit me sometimes usually every summer and holidays. Ashley Benson is my best friend. I met her the first day I move in here, she was walking her dog that night when we met and we easily got along with each other. we attend the same school but she’s on her senior year.

Finishing my relaxing shower, i made my way to my walk-in closet figuring out what to wear. I settled for a distress studded denim short, with a white cropped tank top and a denim vest, matching it with my Steve Madden boots and Michael Kors watch. checking my self out in the mirror, I decided to put on some make-up to cover up my visible eye bags. satisfied with my look I grab my back pack putting my phone and glasses inside.

On my way out I grab a bottled Frapuccino on the refrigirator, not having an enough time to have a proper breakfast. grabbing the keys to my Ducati 848 motorcycle that hangs with the keys of my red Ferrari Italia 458.

I am in the mood to ride my bike today. Putting my sunglasses on, I start up my engine speeding my way to school.

Parking my bike, putting the keys to my back pocket to start another boring day at school. entering the classroom, feeling all their eyes on me. “What? Do I miraculously have two heads now?” i snapped at them. bitches, they act like I’m someone new. they  fucking see me every single day!

occupying my usual sit at the back, my first teacher enter the room afterwards starting the class right away. putting my earphones in but not plugging it in my iPhone, i just think this will help minimize the volume of my teachers voice because i’m still hang over and my head fucking hurts.

Lunch break come too soon. Benzo texted me saying that she’ll meet me in our place.Dropping by to the canteen before going to our spot, I decided that ill have a salad today. I usually have a big appetite but today just the thought of food makes me sick.

Making my way to our place, seeing Ashley already digging on her burger, make my stomach cringe. “hey Benzo” i greeted her, occupying the seat across from hers.

she puts down her burger “WHAT’S UP SELENA!” she shouted, making my head pound.

I covered up my ears, groaning. “ash, can you please tone it down. i think, im gonna be sick and what the fuck happened at the bar?”


"jeeesus, Ash. okay, i get it. stop shouting please." i sighed burying my head to the table.

"Here, babe. take this." she said handling me a tablet of aspirin.

taking it, popping the tablet on my mouth. “Thanks Ash.” i smiled sweetly at her.

"it’s okay. just replace my dress and listen to me next time huh." she said, pointing finger at me.

"I’m sorry Ash, i will. don’t worry." i said to her, while i lie my head down, making myself comfortable for the rest of my lunch break not having the energy to eat my salad. feeling my eyes getting heavy, leading me to the darkness of sleep i hear someone shout.

"Cmon Bieber, Don’t be a pussy!" 

"aw, are you scared now you little bieber?"

"What now? cat got your tongue huh?"

are you kidding me. who are those idiots?!


the bell rang, indicating that it is already lunch break. feeling my mouth dry, i sip in a little from my water bottle. I have a throat infection and i cannot make a word out of my mouth but i cannot skip classes because I reach the allowed number of tardiness and I cant afford to get kicked-out again and find another school.

Walking outside, avoiding Trevor who will put all his effort on me to send me in detention. the jock that thinks he owns the school, fucking pussy who cant punch straight.

sitting on the bench side, breathing in fresh air. I saw Selena lying her head down on the table with Ash, her best friend who eats her burger like there’s no tomorrow.

getting lost in my thoughts, I suddenly hear the voice I’m avoiding since the class starts. Trevor with his friends from different school. such a pussy. I stand up, putting on a brave face and remembering i can’t fucking talk. oh fuck.

"I’ve been looking for you Bieber. are you avoiding me huh?" He asked, pushing me. gripping my hands tight making my knuckles white, i steady myself. ready to punch this boys until their brains are out.

"Cmon Bieber, Don’t be a pussy!" he adds, i wanna charge on him right now but i’m smart enough not to. If i punch him first, i will be send to principal’s office right away, i will be expelled and that what he wants too.

"aw, are you scared now you little bieber?" one of his idiot friends shouted. i composed myself, trying to not let the coll out of me. cmon, you fucking prick. punch me, cmon!

"What now? cat got your tongue huh?" i smiled, seeing him charge a punch on me. closing my eyes a little expecting a slight pain on my right cheek. idiot, i barely felt his punch. i feel nothing at all.

Opening my eyes, I saw Trevor on the ground holding on his right cheek.

"You fucking idiot. Didn’t you see me sleeping?" i hear a female voice, Trevor stand up with the help of his outsider friends.

"who the fuck do you think you are huh? be happy that i have respect for girls or ill punch you unconscious." one of his friends said.

Trevor backed-up holding his friend, trying to drag him out. Preventing him to do anything stupid. I saw Ash standing beside her, smirking. watching us like we are some kind of reality show. not showing any scared emotions or worry.

"WHO ARE YOU!  who am i?! ha!  who do i think am i?! Im SELENA. Selena McCann."she spat with venom in her mouth.

"Sel- McCa McCann" and that’s all they need to hear before they run out for their lives.

she looked at me. her deep brown eyes, that i don’t mind looking at everyday.  I tried opening my mouth to say a word but i couldn’t. She groaned, holding her head and she starts to walk away with ash.

that’s my mistake, i let her walk away. I let her walk away with a piece of my heart.


Im Selena McCann,  the daughter of Jason McCann and that’s all you need to know.

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